Mobilization in the Pastaza Leads to Talks With Pluspetrol

Hundreds of indigenous Quechua from the city of Andoas in the Peruvian Amazon marched towards Argentine oil giant PlusPetrol Norte’s Nuevo Andoas facilities last Friday to request a roundtable discussion to address the harmful impacts of the company’s activities in the the Upper Pastaza River Basin in the Loreto region.

The mobilization resulted in a meeting Friday between Quechua representatives and Pluspetrol representatives. Present were: Aurelio Chino, president of the Quechua Federation of the Upper Pastaza (FEDIQUEP), Apus (community leaders) from the communities of Titiyacu, El Porvenir, Nuevo Andoas, Los Jardines, and Capahuari, Alianza Topal, Pañiayacu and Andoas Viejo. From Pluspetrol’s camp, Alfredo Zuñiga, Area Manager, was present, as was Javier Anca, Director of Lot 192 (formerly Lot 1AB).

The roundtable discussion, which will include representatives of Pluspetrol and Quechua leaders whose communities are located within oil Lot 192, is scheduled for next Monday, July 22nd. The talks will address the issue of compensating communities for the use of Quechua land and financial reparation for the damage that forty years of oil exploration and extraction has done to the Quechua’s ancestral territories.

Also scheduled to participate are: The Office of the Ombudsman, the Multisectoral Commission of the Heads of the Ministries, the Congressional Commission for Andean, Amazonian, Afroperuvian peoples, Environment and Ecology, the Public Ministry, the Authority for Indigenous Matters of the Regional Government of Loreto, and the Regional Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples of San Lorenzo.

Deborah Rivett, Thursday, 18 July 2013